i.remember is a project by 3rd Cleethorpes Scout Group, involving all young people, volunteers- and also the wider community. Our aim is to find out information about all the former Scouts from the area that went on to serve their country and be killed in the First World War and later conflicts.  As well as to record the service given to the country by Scouts, such as the coastwatching detailed on this website.  This site tries to be more than names and dates- we want to discover the stories behind the people and events, as we believe that they are worth remembering.
The project has been inspired by the first ever Scout in the District- Walter Bertram Wood (known as Bert) who went on to become a decorated WW1 flying ace and was tragically killed in a Flying accident in 1917.
The story of Bert has really inspired us, because he was all about new adventures- a real pioneer! He joined Scouting when it was only just starting up, and he brought it to the area. He was also fascinated by the brand new field of aviation. So he definitely embodies many of the things and values that the Scout Association is still about today- adventure, community, making lasting friendships, rising to challenges, passing skills on to your peers etc.
Because he loved new technology we are following his example and our project is all about using our website, geo-caches, QR code trails and other multi-media presentations, to help people rediscover some of our community’s forgotten heroes.